‘UPSTREAM’ – monument ’50 years of NATO in Brunssum’ (NL)

In cooperation with visual artist Harald Vlugt I developed a molded bronze sculpture to represent the relation between the city of Brunssum and  NATO. For 50 years the Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command is a vibrant part of the community of Brunssum and the provence of Zuid Limburg.

To endorse this special relation a monumental sculpture is commissioned by the city of Brunssum, located on the main square of Brunssum. During the celebration day, May 31, the monument is revealed by governor Theo Bovens and mayor Luc Winant and symbolic given to the NATO, represented by General Curtis M. Scaparrotti – Supreme Allied Commander Europe and General Salvatore Farina – Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum.

The sculpture interacts with the cascade running down to the lake. The free shaped waves, with the upstream swimming trout’s (28) are representing the NATO. At the top of the work the city coat of arms of Brunssum is integrated, covered with a branch of peace.

foto: www.philipdriessen.com

The process of creating the sculpture is unique: the 25 meters sculpture is made with a lost-wax casting technique (cire perdue). The original handmade design (on paper) of Harald Vlugt was first translated to AUTO-CAD computer drawings. With a waterjet cutting machine the full design was cut out in EPS foam. After this we manually added a layer of wax.

After creating the molds ( more than 50 pieces !!) the ‘original’ shapes were lost… After casting the bronze the mold had to be broken: the bronze pieces became the original art piece.

Because of the organic nature of the process the final sculpture is not absolute in its form. Although we used a digital guided technology to make the basic shape, the final result is a unique, handmade art piece of 25 meters.

Commissioned by            : City Brunssum, NL

Artist                                   : Harald Vlugt

Title                                    : “Upstream”

Year                                    : May 2017

Material                             : Bronze

Size                                     : 2500 x 150 cm

Project manager              : Robbert Jan Blekemolen

Waterjet cutting              : AllesWaterSnijden

Bronze foundry               : Bronsgieterij Stijlaart

Location                            : Lindeplein, Brunssum, the Netherlands

Unveiling artwork          : May, 31, 2017


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