Live Communication VanRiet Material Handling Systems

In cooperation with Beewan we developed an integrated Live Communication strategy, design  and performance methodology for VanRiet Material Handling Systems most potential customer contact platform: international B2B trade fairs.

VanRiet operates in the field of intralogistic solutions. Being one of the most innovative companies in the field, VanRiet is the first with an integrated digital workflow. The VanRiet Standard 4.0 working method generates full control on project development and management. Starting with a proposal going to engineering and finally to (remote) operational control: created as one solution.


In line with the VanRiet company we designed a mean and lean booth concept, not the building performance but the communication impact is leading. Like a stage, the booth is showing an intriguing image of the world of VanRiet. Two films, made for the fair presentations, representing the products and contemporary working method of VanRiet are prominent on display. The films have a magical atmosphere and create high stopping power for passing audience. On the custom made table, a stylish design translation of an assembly line,  a demo of the VanRiet Standard 4.0 tool is presented.

The first two fairs with the new concept where overwhelming: happy new customers, happy crew, happy VanRiet. And most relevant: a lot of new business!

The Live Communication concept is based on a three year period. In this period adjustments, improvements and experience will be added. With the promising start so far, we are keen on creating the ultimate performance for VanRiet Material Handling Systems.

vanriet stand


Concept & production: Robbert Jan Blekemolen

Camera & editing: Vincent Kruijt

Sound: Ramon Tiernagan


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