Concept for social (media) art event

Life could be a dream: Jheronimus Bosch is back again!

A living painting, connecting the works of Jheronimus Bosch with the contemporary works of today artists. Starting with a cathedral-like setting (Bosch painted a lot of altar pieces); the people’s imagination was teased within this (religious) environment and there for a place to share believes.

Just like the paintings of Bosch, the atmosphere is a reflection on society: In his time the church reflected the alliances and values of society.

This cathedral-setting will be the stage for performances. Starting with a performance/VJ presentation of Peter Greenaway. This artist, as no other, will bridge the work and story of Bosch with contemporary perception. The audience will be part of the 3 dimensional multimedia stage.

The music also will appeal to this junction of time: an arrangement of DJ Mo Becha & the Don Kosakenchor Rusland, preferably as a life-performance. The classic voices will sing the journey of live, meeting the sound of contemporary music. The experience will be close to religious, although the energy is about sharing believes.

Slowly the scene changes into a contemporary meeting place. Changing from a centered way of sharing experiences, the (video) images will take over the complete space and allows people to create their own relevance .  The audience is part of creating this contemporary ‘image’ of society: with ‘life’ camera’s the audience is projected, integrated, with the scenery of Bosch and the contemporary art.

There is a strong connection between the imagery of Jheronimus Bosch and the contemporary art; the works of Bosch being  the background for contemporary views on society. Appealing to the imagination and energy of the generation that will shape our image of future society.


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