Russian Romance Tour

The Trans Siberian Express tour of the Don KosakenChor Russland

Based upon an idea by Marcel “Nicolajevich” Verhoeff (artistic director/Chef dirigent Don KosakenChor Russland)

Religion, warriors, horses, nature, loyalty, music, storytelling, way of life, tradition, cultural heritage, Russian history, wandering, freedom fighters, devotion.

The story of the Cossacks will be told by the choir and ensemble as ambassadors of Russian heritage, in 6 parts/chapters. Every chapter is an independent piece, all together it is their story (like a book/film). The travelling and meeting (mixing with) all cultures along the way is part of the story.

One stage, shaped like a ‘Krug’. Around this Circle shape a décor of white cloth forms the surface for projection of (moving) light and video footage. The (travelling) audience will be part of the journey the Cossacks are making: every location on the journey will have its own theme of music and visual appearance.

Since the lyrics always have a story to tell, appealing to the imagination of the listener, the drama can be enhanced by adding imaginary images and light effects. By creating a three dimensional stage around the singers, with specially made three dimensional animated footage and light effects the atmosphere of any typical setting can be achieved. The audience will have the sensation of being part of the real scenery.

The advantage of working this way is that there will be a lightweight décor setup existing of cloth, light and video equipment: easy to travel with and not depending on local availabilities. Using the same basic set up, every location will have its own theme and visual appearance. This way, the full story of the Cossacks can be told. They pioneered the Siberian territory, connected the Russian culture with surrounding countries. This resulted finally in the Great Siberian (Rail)Way construction.

The Trans Siberian Express tour of the Don KosakenChor Russland:

The famous and heroic history of men that guarded  the Russian cultural heritage, representing the autonomic people of former and future times. The appealing history of the Russian traditions is part of the future again! The traveler on the Trans Siberia Express will have the exclusive experience to hear and see the full story on the journey. Because of the visual interpretation of the lyrics everybody can be part of the mythology. By making a filmed documentary of this concert series the full story will be available for a large audience: Not only the music but also the magic history can be told.

Being a cultural revival of the Cossacks, the performances should be in a public setting: offering the cities along the Trans Siberia Express an exclusive concert. The Cossacks once again are travelling the Russian fields and connect the people all over Russia.


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