Bosch Young Talent Show, 2010

The Bosch Young Talent Show (BYTS) is an international ten-day art event with promising, recently graduated art academy students from the ‘Bosch cities*’. From 15 – 25 July (2010) they will be exhibiting their recent work in the rooms of AKV|St. Joost in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Well-known artists-scouts from the Netherlands and abroad selected the BYTS participants from the youngest graduation class of the visual art academies. More than 40 talented recently graduated art academy students present varied work: from painting to video art, from sculpture to drawings, from collages to performances.

In addition to a major exhibition, a summer school will be organised with discussions and visits to Dutch museums and national exhibitions. That way the challenging Bosch Young Talent Show offers an unbounded view of the developments and innovations in the visual arts all over the world.

* Cities housing one or more works by Jheronimus Bosch in public art collections.


Berlin: Gregor Schneider, Brussels: Aglaia Konrad, Frankfurt: Tobias Rehberger, Ghent: Gert Robijns, ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Thom Puckey, Lisbon: Pedro Cabrita Reis, London: Ryan Gander,
Madrid: Carlos Garaicoa, New Haven: Jessica Stockholder, New York: Jon Kessler, Paris: Jean Marc Bustamante, Rotterdam: Liesbeth Bik / Jos van der Pol, Venice: Maria Morganti, Vienna: Marina Grzinic.


Berlin: David Kroell, Martin Kohout, Sandra Krause Gomez, Alessandro Rauschmann, Brussels: Elise Eeraerts, Seyran Kirmizitoprak, Maarten Ruskin, Frankfurt: Marisa Argentato, Martin Flemming, Steffen Raupach, Ghent: Thomas Gilissen, Sander Cools, Severine Baert, Den Bosch: Bram Braam, Emma van der Put, Sebastiaan Noort, Lisbon: Sara Morgado Santos, Joao Ferro Martins, London: Matthew Richardson, Georgina Nettell, Nick Bailey, Madrid: Ester Achaerandio Garcia, Cristina Garrido, Javier Fresneda, New Haven: Kate Levant, Noel Anderson, Alex Da Corte-Williams, New York: Jared Thorne, Anna Rosen, Van Hanos, Paris: Yannick Langlois, Adel Ghezal, Luc Chopplet, Rotterdam: Jay Tan, Priscila Fernandez, Diana Duta, Venice: Guilio Squillacciotti, Diego Marcon, Lia Cecchin, Vienna: Lina Dokuzovic, Ana Hoffner, Ivan Jurica.


Jehronimus Bosch 500 –

Event & curating concept – Monique Verhulst

Space concept & design – Robbert Jan Blekemolen/Artventures

Graphic design – Studio Kluif

Location – AKV St.Joost

Space concept & design

Since Jehromimus Bosch is the reason to invite promising talents to show their work to the Den Bosch audience, I want the audience to have a physical awareness of this fact. Inspired during a visit to Slot Zuylen (  Its most famous resident was Belle van Zuylen (Isabelle de Charrière), writer of fame and feminist avant la lettre.) where the former residents hang their art collection simply in front of a monumental tapestry. The result was a very odd interaction of artpieces from different times.  This made me decide to bring the beautyfull painted images of Jehronimus Bosch into the space. By creating transparant walls, with in the centre of the wall construction a fragment of a Bosch painting, the visitor is always aware of the context of this show. Without interrupting the contemporary artworks.

Interior design responding on art-installations

The wall concept excists out of modulair pieces. We first placed the artworks into the space and responded with the wall-elements to the works to optimize the experience of the works. Because the available space was huge, with a lot of shared spaces, I wanted for the visitor to experience the spaces as one environment but as soon as one would approach a single piece,  the other pieces shouldn’t interfer.

 For the video-works I tried to create a situation without ‘black boxes’. Using the wall-elements as objects, projecting on the transparant surfaces, created a 3D video-installation. again the postioning made the space work as one installation.




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