House of Print, the cathedral


A contemporary monument to emphasize the power of printed media.

Visual communication was first used in the setting of a cathedral, the place where people were exposed to the intellectual values of life. At the same time the first graphic reproductions were made to share this intellectual meaning of life.

Still, the art of printing represents the intellectual values of our existence. The tension between the static structure of the building and free moving graphic banners on the walls symbolize the contemporary dynamics of the graphic product: eternity against daily life.

Being an object, the cathedral will be overwhelming and impressive. An endless image to watch, a crazy place to be. At the same time the temporality of the building will be evident.

Cooperation with other artists

For the artwork on the walls of the cathedral we invited two well-known artists: Harald Vlugt ( and David Mach ( Both artists own a massive (historical) archive of printed materials and create collage pieces like two dimensional sculptures. This way, the history of the graphic image/communication is part of the overall impression. The complete visual spectacle of the cathedral will be special made for this temporary monument.

Collector’s item

The approximately 5000 banners which will be used to construct the inner- and outside walls of the cathedral. The audience can buy one of the banners, a fragment, of the monument. Together with a beautifully printed publication of the project, this will become a collector’s item. This way, the monument continues it’s existence; the printed publication will become the monument!

Graphic industry involvement

Some of the major players in the graphic (large-format) industry will be part of the project. The banners will be produced with large format digital printing. The walls and spaces inside the cathedral will be divided amongst this companies. This way they can showcase their printing performance and specific banner materials.


There are already several very interested contacts with some of the leading graphic (press) publishers to cover the making off and create something like a graphic community based upon The House of Print.

More details?


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