House of NewsPrint, Time forest

A monumental tribute to NewsPrint.

The metaphysical value of printed news must be the conserved time. The inside of a tree, the growth rings, also show time. Besides the physical relation between a tree and printing paper, this gives also a contextual relation between the two. A symbioses of time created by nature and manmade history.

By creating a forest of a hundred trees, the historical perspective a mankind, made out of historical newsprint materials a monumental installation will appeal to the imagination. The trunks will show the historical news, the leaves the news of the day. On a visual level, the artificial aspect of the forest emphasizes the intervention of mankind on the fifteen meter high trees with black and white trunks and full color leaves. Walking through the forest will create a sense of time.

Finally, the monument will disappear once again. The registration in the printed press will continue to stay. Therefore the printed medium will be the final monument.

IFRA Hamburg October 2010

At the IFRA fair ( the presentation for the global newsprint industry was very succesfull. Supported by Gielissen ( and Mansveld Expotech ( we created a beautifull video-installation. The monumental aspect and the imaginary sculptural structure was recognized by the audience. At the same time, the professional newsprint people confirmed the relevance to make a statement for the intrinsic value of printed news. Besides response from european companies, where we aimed for, there was also interest from people out of Brasil, India and Australia.

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