‘The Beauty of Advertising’

With the oppertunity of the communication-event ‘De 24 uur van de reclame’ in Amsterdam we presented the value of professional photography related to marketing /communications. (www.24reclame.nl)

An exhibition and ‘life’ performance on the topic of professional (commisioned) photography. Together with the Photographers Association of The Netherlands (www.PANL.nl) I created an outdoor exhibition in front of the cityhall of Amsterdam. Awardwinning photography, used for advertising campaigns over the last 6 years, were placed on outdoor lightboxes of JC Decaux (www.jcdecaux.nl). With the lightboxes a square was made to create an intimate surrounding in the public space in front of the Stopera building. The design of the lightboxes only showed the photograph, without the lay-out of the advertisment it was used for: presented in a museum-like setting. This way the beauty of the photographic images was the only topic for the viewer and the statement made clear that cooperation with professional photographers can make communication beautifull. Graphic design: Reza Harek (www.nis5.nl).

photography: Vincent Kruijt (www.vincentkruijt.nl)


For this ’24 hours only’ exhibition we created a related publication. This was send to all advertising agencys connected to the VEA (www.vea.nl). The publication was sponsored by Xtandit (www.xtandit.nl) and printed on a XEROX colorpress 1000.

Life action on the event itself…

To make the audience of professional communication experts aware of the special value of ‘good’ photography PANL organized portrait photography sessions on location. Situated in the centre of the event location some of the best photographers of the Netherlands were making portraits of the visitors of the event. This Portraits were printed on a large format printer (www.fotolabxl.nl & www.epson.nl) and a portrait-gallery was created in the entrance of the location.

After event communication

The PANL internetsite (www.panl.nl) showed the results of the photographic sessions at the ’24 uur van de reclame’. All visitors with a portret-photo taken at this event received an email with an invitation to the site. People with a direct commercial interest for the participants (photographers and sponsers) were contacted on a personal level ” I have a print of your portret. would you like to have it?” Succes garanteed!

Free publicity/press


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